Huggy Bear

We all remeber a favorite stuffed animal from our youth.  Perhaps a well-worn, treasured teddy bear.  We may even have saved it as a keepsake or passed it down to our children and grandchildren.

My favorite stuffed animal was a bear.  I called him Huggy Bear.  There was something extra special about this bear, he was real.  His name was Curtis and he died last Saturday.

My bear gave hugs.  Great, big, bear hugs.  He made me feel safe and comfortable and loved, just like your teddy bear made you feel.  Most of all, he made me feel special too.

I will miss my Huggy Bear.  I still hear his laughter.  I’ll miss his hugs.  But, I plan on passing down his memories to my children and grandchildren.  Showing them pictures and telling them stories of the Huggy Bear that brought so much kindness and joy to so many.  The Huggy Bear that was real.




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